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Blood Lions is a feature documentary that blows the lid off the captive breeding and canned hunting industry in South Africa. It is a compelling call to action about the need for a global campaign to stop lions from being bred for the bullet.

We encourage you to watch our feature film Blood Lions, a serious story that must be told. The global community must put the Canned Hunting industry out of business – forever! The Blood Lions team have made significant progress since the film was released last year.

The Australian, French and Dutch governments banned the import of Lion trophies in 2015, and the USFWS have considerably tightened up on their import regulations which has reduced the number of american hunters arriving into South Africa to pursue canned hunts.

PHASA – The professional Hunting Association of South Africa have distanced itself from the practice of canned hunting and is trying to encourage other hunting groups to do likewise.

Since the screening of Blood Lions in the EU parliament, Jagd & Hund, Europe’s largest hunting exhibition, have committed to banning the marketing, exhibition or sales of all captive bred animal at the exhibition and through their magazine.

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