Alexandra performed this act of personal courage documenting every step with concealed smartphone cameras and one small device. Her story of rescuing Serabie is a 30-minute documentary titled “Saving Serabie”. It has been chosen to film at the Wildlife Conservation Film Festival in New York City in October, 2015. Watch the trailer below.

Wildlife heroes come in different genders and from different countries. They can be your next-door neighbor who rescues an injured duck on the side of the road. They can be the person who takes on a great personal and financial challenge to rescue an animal in a faraway country. This is the story of wildlife heroine Alexandra Lamontagne from Montreal, Canada.

The film HORN is a lived documentary that creatively investigates the issue of rhino poaching by focusing on specific anti-poaching units in South Africa’s Waterberg region. The intention is to determine how effective anti-poaching as a solution-driven method is to combat the surge in organised poaching. A key dimension is the assessment of anti-poaching training as a forward-looking strategy that serves the protection of not only rhinos, but also the wider community.

This includes an evaluation of the physical and psychological impact of such training by following an actor playing a specifically created character within a real-life training situation. The intention is to thereby explore sustainable solutions to this dilemma while simultaneously commenting on the wider socio-political context connected to the survival of the South African rhinos.

By including the contributions of community leaders in South Africa as well as figures working at the forefront of rhino conservation, HORN not only highlights some of the problems facing rhino conservation, but it also points out some of the significant social problems facing the communities in the affected areas – specifically in relation.

Heading Antartica should be like this : Antarctic Edge: 70 Degrees South


A thrilling journey to one of the world’s most perilous environments, Antarctic Edge: 70° South follows a team of scientists as they explore the West Antarctic Peninsula.

In the wake of devastating climate events like Superstorm Sandy and Hurricane Katrina, oceanographer Oscar Schofield teams up with a group of researchers in a race to understand climate change in the fastest warming place on earth. While navigating through 60-foot waves and dangerous icebergs on a world-class icebreaker, the scientists travel to 70° south — to a rugged and inhospitable island called Charcot — with an arsenal of cutting-edge technology that will revolution.


You can never run from yourself.

uMalusi is about the day to day operations of the amazing team on John Hume's rhino sanctuary in South Africa. Taking a look at anti-poaching measures, security for these magnificent animals, as well as looking at horn trimming and the baby rhino orphanage. Following the life of rhinos including fantastic footage of the dedicated uMalusi team in their relentless efforts dealing with challenges that they have to face on a day to day basis.


Lord of the Skies is a documentary on black eagles. The extreme conditions in which these raptors live and survive in the Northern Cape of South Africa is a must watch. We take you to 5 locations, 5 sets of parents as you watch them preparing their nests for their eggs to watching the juveniles fledge! Come along with the black eagle pairs to experience their adventures, joys and sorrows.

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